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BROKE ROYALS partner with Digital Thunderdome for a positive cause.


Digital Thunderdome and The Broke Royals wanted to collaborate through art to reach more than one community base of fans by combining a traditional performance rock video with sign language to get the lyrics of the video across to anyone who is deaf or hearing.


We are looking for Deaf and anyone who can perform sign language from various parts of the world. We currently have had submissions from Mexico, Russia and the UK.


We are accepting global submissions from anyone who can communicate through ASL and who are willing to be on camera.


If under 18, have a pert or guardian on camera granting you permission to submit the video link.

Download this lyric video and film a friend signing the video or selfie yourself. Follow the numbers to sign on the beat to the song to keep things in sync. Do 1-2 takes of the song and send us the footage, its that simple.


  1. Use an iPhone or Android device that uses 1080p or 4k. 

  2. Tilt phone to landscape and film like the picture above.

  3. Film a friend in your native country preferable outside or at a location that best represents you and upload the footage and send it to us. Submissions will be used with the final edit of the music video. Download the footage to your computer and email it to us.

  4. Email submissions to and a appearance release will be sent back to you to sign so we can use your footage.

  5. We recommend using or to send us your footage.


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