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AURA (In development)

When a couple take a detour during a job, they encounter forces that will change their perspective of life and lives forever.

Connor and Liz are on a road trip for Connor’s job after he is asked to acquire video depositions from Mesothelioma cancer patients for a law firm. They make a detour to an abandoned mining town located in Death Valley, CA, when Liz enters one of the abandoned mines, she disappears into thin air…teleported to another dimension. 5 seconds later she reappears in front of Connor but she is aged 60 years and her life has drastically changed forever, leaving Connor to figure out what happened to her before the Military can.


SCI-FI/Horror (Movie comparisons: The Fourth Kind, Contact, Phenomena)


Scott B. Hansen


Mary Dixon


Aura Investor Pitch

Aura Investor Pitch

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