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OBLIVION (In development)


A couple take a trip to Puerto Rico to claim a house that they’ve inherited. When they become hatched in a plot for their lives to discover the fountain of Youth.

Max and Gina Townsend, a newlywed couple, have recently settled down in Miami. Gina is a teacher who is struggling to reclaim her past. She suffers from a rare and unexplained condition called sleep paralysis. Her husband Max, a successful architect, does his best to help Gina cope with her condition. After learning that Gina has inherited an estate in Puerto Rico, Max and Gina go to claim the property and enjoy some time away from it all. While there, Gina encounters an evil presence from her past that follows her home. Gina’s condition worsens as her nightmares begin to manifest themselves into reality. As Max uncovers the truth behind his wife’s past they are both drawn into a horrifying plot hatched by a group of people who are hunting her.


Horror (Movie comparisons: Perfect Getaway, The Grudge)


Scott B. Hansen


Grayson Wolf


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