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Welcome to our talented roster of in house directors, whether it be metal,

hip hop, rock or country we can service whatever your project may need. 

Scott Hansen (Director, Producer)

(Sevendust, Willie Nelson, A Day To Remember, Animals As Leaders, Colt Ford, Motionless in White

Scott Hansen has always had a passion for making feature films, and in 2013, he produced his first feature film Monumental. Written and performed by Luke Albright (Devil's Pass) and Gary Cairns (Hero Wanted), Monumental follows two young men as they journey across the U.S.A to honor one's mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always dreamed of visiting. The film was sold and released on April 4th 2017.

In 2014, Scott produced Until It Hurts, a documentary film about a piece of art commemorating fallen Navy Seals and how it has influenced a community. The film features Navy Seal Dave Hall and Wounded Wear founder, Jason Redman. The film went to be accepted to film festivals across the USA and won best feature film at Cayfest in 2016 and got world wide distribution.

In 2016, Digital Thunderdome created The Possession Experiment which sold to Eone/Momentum Pictures for domestic and CMG for international distribution and was sold to 35 countries abroad. It also debuted in the top 10 in horror on iTunes for three weeks. The film begins when a theology student uses a fundraising campaign to attempt to prove if demons exist.The film stars horror icon Bill Moseley (The Devils's Rejects), Greg Travis ( Starship Troopers), and Mark Joy (Dogma). The film was also sold to HULU for a 3 year TV deal.

Also In 2016 Scott jumped into the producers chair and made the feature film “Bully” starring Danny Trejo, Vincent Pastore and Ron Canada along with Disney star Tucker Albrizzi. It’s heading to Sundance 2018 and Berlin after that.


Also in 2018 production will begin on the highly anticipated “Project Fear’’ feature film.

Also in 2019 production is currently running on Scott’s newest feature film a Halloween anthology starring Sid Haig and Bill Moseley that Is called “Bad Candy. 


Desiree Connell 

Executive Producer

In 2008, Desiree started out in the commercial and advertising world, with a passion in horror and music. It wasn’t long after Desiree and Scott met, that they formed a significant partnership revolving around Digital Thunderdome’s structure and business practices. Since 2014, Desiree has produced over sixty music videos for many of the top record labels in the country. Along with DT’s Music Videos, Desiree has maintained a long standing relationship with multiple networks, producing and suppling production management for several distributors and series television. 


Desiree has line produced and post produced assorted full length feature films that have been praised and awarded internationally. 


Desiree continues her work in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.

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