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JOHN CAME HOME (In development)

John came home from the war, but to protect his family the fight has just begun.

“JOHN CAME HOME”, is a tale of a father’s pursuit of retribution through vengeance. Set in the hottest days of summer against the hills of northern Georgia. John returns to his small southern town after nearly 20 years with the Army Special Forces to a family in ruins after his daughter is victimized in a brutal sexual assault. The best Detective in the state is assigned to finding the assailants and bringing them to trial. And for a moment it seems the system prevails; when the leader of the attackers receives a long prison sentence. But when the convict escapes after sentencing, the race begins between John and the Detective. Who will right the wrongs to John’s family and finally bring justice to Georgia; the lawman or the vigilante?


Action (Movie comparisons: Home Front, Law Abiding Citizen, Taken)


Scott B. Hansen



Billy Jay


Not Actual Cover Art

John Came Home Promotional Teaser

John Came Home Promotional Teaser

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