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PROJECT FEAR (In development)

Our story surrounds the details of how Felicity obtains a rare material that can sustain an entire community of unknown creatures co existing in our modern world. Before she is able to complete her mission, her flight goes down and the side effects of the new concoction hit her heavy in the crash. With no clue of her surroundings or of what she is herself, she is ‘rescued’ by Haunted House owners out in the middle of nowhere. After several days, her memories and cravings begin to flicker back, proving that Felicity is no hero and her past is coming up quick to meet her. Trailed by the local authorities and challenged by her fresh take with the world, she must decide which path she wants to pursue. Continue along with Piers, her sly ancient companion, in their success with stealing a prized antidote or confess her wrongdoings and lead a better life for her lasting future?




Scott B. Hansen


Desiree Connell

Project Fear

Project Fear


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